I work at the intersection of ethics and the history of philosophy. My interest in ethics lies both on theoretical and meta-theoretical questions about the nature of normativity, and on more concrete questions concerning what may think of as mechanisms of exclusion and what the best strategies for dismantling them might be. My historical interests center around the 19th and 20th Century European tradition.

My recent work on the history of philosophy has centered around Foucault’s work on ethics and related topics, specially his early work on psychology, his views about subjectivity (or if you prefer, agency) and autonomy, and on genealogical methodology.  I have also been working on a series of texts developing in some detail what I take to be the core insights of Foucault’s ethical views, and presenting them in the framework of mainstream Anglo-American ethics.

On the more ‘applied’ side of things, I’m currently working on two articles, one on the politics of narrative film, and two approaching the fact that narrative film has largely tended to work as an instrument for the perpetuation of gender inequality, and another one on deportation, where I describe and classify various argumentative strategies deployed in immigration debates, and offer a ‘multi-pronged’ argument against the deportation, in the United States, of what is usually referred to under-aged irregular migrants.

For abstracts and more detailed descriptions of my work, please visit the In Progress and the Publications pages on this site.